Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Madden 17 Fantasy Draft Career Mode QB - Pt 1

Note: I'll be starting my Rams franchise around the time the real season starts.
This is my fantasy draft Career Mode for Madden 17 on PS4. I play Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. I show every pass and run I make and no rushes by the cpu, unless it's a TD.
Skill Level - All-Madden (default settings and sliders)
Qtr Length - 9 Min
Acc Clock - Off
Game Speed - Normal

NFL fantasy draft strategies for 2016 - what to do and definitely what not to do! Keep current on all the best strategies for Fantasy Draft picks and gameplay in order to not only have fun, but to dominate.

Friday, September 2, 2016

SaiyanKid06’s nba fantasy draft

I do ps4 and maybe some pc games.

Fantasy Draft is one of the most searched for topics in the realm of basketball, baseball and football, it's virtual worlds of football strategy where players can help predict the outcome of real NFL games 

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